New Leaf is Just Peachy!


@@img1Orangeburg, NY, May, 2007- This May, New Leaf is proud to introduce its latest addition to the New Leaf family, Blue Tea Peach. This much anticipated flavor continues on in the New Leaf tradition of being 100% all natural, having no preservatives, and being organically sweetened with evaporated cane juice. Pairing two delicious, distinctive and healthy flavors to form a peachy powerhouse, New Leaf’s Blue Tea Peach packs a punch that will knock out your taste buds!

Blue tea, which is actually oolong tea, has a slew of health benefits according to recent reports. The Tea Masters of Ancient China recognized six tea families, each classified by a different color; red, green, black, yellow, white and blue. Oolong Tea is known as blue tea because of the bluish reflection of its leaves.

Blue tea is known for its smooth taste which is unlike any of the other teas in comparison. It contains a large quantity of polyphenols which act as antioxidants and promote beauty and health. The polyphenols in blue tea are also known to enhance the function of enzymes and aid in the controlling of obesity by activating triglycerides and enhancing the metabolism. Blue tea also has more catechin than black teas and more thearubigin than green teas. This smooth tasting tea has so much to offer!

With the many benefits of blue tea, New Leaf has gone a step further by pairing it with peach. The peach has many healthy benefits. Peaches have been known to sooth ailments including gastritis, acifosis, bronchitis, asthma, poor digestion, anemia, bladder and kidney stones, and high blood pressure among other benefits. Not only does it benefit the inside, but it also benefits the outside as well. Peaches are also known to improve the health of the skin and add color to the complexion. The peach also contains high doses of potassium and vitamins C and A. New Leaf’s peachy pairing offers consumers a savory taste of healthy goodness.

New Leaf is available nationally in health, gourmet, specialty, and fine retail locations.

About New Leaf: New Leaf is an all natural line of teas sweetened with evaporated cane juice. New Leaf is offered in nine delicious flavors of green, white and blue tea including White Tea Strawberry, White Tea Tangerine, White Tea Honey and Ginseng, White Tea Honeydew Melon, Green Tea Plum, Green Tea Ginseng, Blue Tea Lemon, Blue Tea Raspberry and Blue Tea Peach. New Leaf is currently available specialty, gourmet, health and other fine retail stores.

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