T42® Now Available Through UNFI

Palm Beach Gardens FL – May, 2007 – Teacrest Corporation is pleased to announce that T42, it’s highly acclaimed all natural line of caffeine-free herbal teas and traditional “classic” teas, is now part of United Natural Foods’ (UNFI) multi-state distribution network. Initially, UNFI-East will be supplying many specialty and natural food retailers including Whole Foods.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Teacrest to extend the T42 retail customer base into more regions across the country,” said Maurice Hakim, President of Teacrest. “The UNFI group is the most important natural food distributor to the natural food industry which now includes major supermarket chains and independent specialty grocers where RTD beverages are now taking more shelf space than ever before. Its service is terrific and we expect their customers to appreciate and respond to our beverages.”

Teacrest manufactures five all-natural, caffeine-free, fruit flavored Herbal Teas. These include Lemon, Mango, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry.

In addition, Teacrest offers the more traditional and popular teas including its award winning English Breakfast Tea, Iced Tea with Lemon, Earl Grey, Green Tea w/ Honey & Lemon, Green Tea w/ Ginger and White Tea w/ Pomegranate.

Teacrest’s teas do not contain any “nutraceuticals” or little known herbs or flavors. “As far as any of our beverages are concerned, we do not make any unsupportable health claims.” Mr. Hakim added, “Our philosophy has always been that any Teacrest brew should be the most refreshing beverage on the market and, to that end, our teas do not taste like the watered down teas that are currently populating the retail shelves. The taste of tea is not overwhelmed by secondary flavors.”

T42 currently retails in supermarkets, gourmet markets and natural food stores in throughout the Eastern part of the US and in Canada. For additional details go to www.drinkt42.com.