National Soft Drink of Scotland to Invade the U.S


@@img1Charlotte, N.C IRN-BRU®, the PHENOMENAL national soft drink of Scotland, is just that, according to lovers of this unique carbonated fruit flavored beverage. IRN-BRU hits the United States with an outdoor advertising campaign beginning May 25th, 2007, in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. The product available in 16.9oz PET is being distributed by L. T. Verrastro, Inc. and will be available in convenience and food stores in the Pocono Northeast.

IRN-BRU will be launched officially in the United States with PHENOMENAL outdoor advertising, guerrilla marketing including post card advertising and a sampling campaign. The iconic soda contains 32 PHENOMENAL flavors and is Scotland’s largest selling carbonated soft drink. While most sodas only contain two or three flavors, the unique combination of flavors in IRN-BRU makes it stand out from the crowded soft drink market. Brand awareness is so strong in the United Kingdom that it is favored by Scots over other top selling soft drinks. Can 8.5 million Scots be wrong? The beloved IRN-BRU has reached cult-like status not only in Scotland but the rest of the United Kingdom and Russia, and is finding increasing success in other world markets. The soft drink features a truly unique citrus type flavor and refreshment experience that has propelled IRN-BRU over its almost 106 year history to the ranks of legend. It is so famous that one Scot actually made a sofa of the products containers.

In the United Kingdom, IRN-BRU and Diet IRN-BRU are growing ahead of the U.K. soft drinks market. It is also the 10th largest soft drink in Russia and is the world’s largest selling non-cola per capita of the population. Made with 100% real sugar, the product was introduced in 1901 and like Coca-Cola, the secret formula is a closely guarded , known only by 2 Directors of the parent company, A.G. Barr p.l.c., the Scottish creator of IRN-BRU. James Wilson, representative of GSI Inc, importer of Irn-Bru to the USA, says, “The edgy but humorous Irn Bru advertisements will be capable of creating strong product and brand awareness. Irn Bru will be a unique player among other CSDs,” says Wilson.

Leonard T. Verrastro, Jr. president of L.T. Verrastro, Inc. says: “IRN-BRU fits beautifully with our upscale line up of non-cola beverages. We try to concentrate on those products which appeal to a high-end consumer who is interested in drinks which provide a truly alternative refreshment experience. While we are mainly a beer distributor, products in our line up such as Fiji Water, Voss Water, Red Bull and IRN-BRU are a growing part of our non-alcoholic business.” According to Verrastro there is a trend away from cola drinks largely based on the consumer’s desire to try something different. “I believe that we will have the same PHENOMENAL success with IRN-BRU that the United Kingdom and the rest of the world have enjoyed,” explains Verrastro.

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