Shock Coffee on Ice

New York, NY June 7, 2007- Shock Coffee, the leading Hyper-Caffeinated coffee with over 50% more caffeine than other gourmet coffees, announced today that it has partnered with GoodWest Industries, the innovators and leaders in “Bag-in-a-Box” shelf-stable food service dispensing solutions. Never before available in iced-coffee form, consumers can now purchase Hyper-Caffeinated Shock Iced Coffee to “perk” up and cool down.

Each box that GoodWest supplies will contain two 6-liter bags of Hyper-Caffeinated Shock Iced Coffee that arrive brewed and ready to drink. Distributed along with custom made, easy-to-use dispensers splashed with Shock’s bright yellow and red logo, GoodWest has developed a simple and efficient way to capture the expanding Hyper-Caffeinated specialty coffee category that Shock has pioneered.

A leader in the field and only 10 years old, GoodWest Industries continue to develop and deliver dispensing equipment and product to all 50 states as well as military bases around the world. Before partnering with Shock Coffee, GoodWest iced coffee products were only offered in mocha or French vanilla flavors.

“Shock Coffee is a unique addition to our iced coffee products as we’ve never carried a regular brew before, let alone a Hyper-Caffeinated drink,” says CEO Bill Goodwin. “Both Shock and GoodWest are well-known nationwide as well as overseas, and therefore I am positive that this will prove to be an exciting partnership.”

Already seen on Nightline, NBC’s Today Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno among others, Shock Coffee has gained popularity coast to coast.

“Sometimes there’s uncertainty when joining forces with other companies but the folks at GoodWest make me feel right at home,” says Jeffrey Rosen, president of Shock Coffee. “Achieving national brand recognition with Shock Coffee’s products was no easy task, and it’s very important that we partner up with a company like GoodWest who understands the importance of brand awareness.”

About Shock Coffee
Currently distributed in over 8,000 stores in all 50 states, New York City-based Shock Coffee is the world’s first Hyper-Caffeinated gourmet coffee comprised of all-natural high-quality beans that are selected for a combination of taste and caffeine content. The blend was carefully created over a long testing period with their roast specifications a tightly guarded secret. Shock’s Hyper-Caffeinated product line includes ground coffee, Shock Ready-to-Drink Mochas and Lattes as well as Shock-a-lots, chocolate covered coffee beans for those who prefer to chew their caffeine and Shock-A-Cino, a hyper caffeinated cappuccino. Its packaging features a striking logo and graphics featuring eye-catching red, yellow and black colored bags. The products’ catch phrase is “Sleep Is Overrated.”

For further information on Shock Coffee products, please contact Shock Coffee at: 1-888-33-SHOCK or log onto:

For information on GoodWest Industries, please visit: or call 1-800-948-1922.