GuS® – Grown-up Soda® Teams Up With Alaska Distributors Co. in Greater Puget Sound Region

NEW YORK, New York (June 6, 2007) – Utmost Brands, Inc., maker of GuS – Grown-up Soda, and Alaska Distributors Co. today announced a partnership to distribute GuS Sodas in the greater Puget Sound region. The 100%-natural line of less-sweet sodas, will be distributed by Alaska Distributors Co., the premier wholesale wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverage distributor located in Kent, WA. Alaska Distributors joins three new West Coast distributors for GuS Soda.

“Alaska Distributors has been distributing premium beverages in the Pacific Northwest for over 70 years,” said Steve Hersh, founder and president of Utmost Brands, Inc. “They are perfectly suited to meet the demands of this expanding market for natural, non-alcoholic beverages. This is an ideal partnership as we continue to broaden our reach from our East Coast roots to the West.”

GuS Sodas contain real juice and natural extracts, and are lightly sweetened with cane sugar. With only 90 – 98 calories per 12-ounce bottle, they are about a half to two-thirds the calories of typical sodas and juice drinks. GuS Sodas are distinctively dry, caffeine-free and kosher. Available in single 12-ounce glass bottles and in 4-packs, GuS’ grown-up flavors are Dry Pomegranate, Dry Meyer Lemon, Star Ruby Grapefruit, Dry Valencia Orange, Dry Cranberry Lime, Dry Crimson Grape and Extra Dry Ginger Ale.

“We’re very pleased to add GuS Sodas to our roster of premium non-alcoholic beverages,” said John Guinasso, Vice President, Alaska Distributors. “Consumers in Seattle and the entire Puget Sound region look for the highest quality all-natural beverages to complement their healthy lifestyles. GuS is a unique product that fills a void in the market for a great-tasting, adult-targeted carbonated beverage.”

About GuS – Grown-up Sodas:
Launched in Summer 2003, GuS was what the husband-and-wife founders were looking for in a beverage; something not as sweet as all of the sodas and juice drinks out there. Taking inspiration from his father, who added seltzer to
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everything, Steve Hersh and Jeannette Luoh crafted a line of 100%-natural sodas made with real juice and real extracts
in distinctively dry flavors. GuS Sodas are lightly sweetened with cane sugar, have only 90 – 98 calories per 12-ounce
bottle, are preservative- and caffeine-free, and are kosher. Enjoyed by grown-ups and kids alike, some adults are using them as non-alcoholic alternatives for fine dining and entertaining, or as a base for cocktails. Kids are drawn to the natural fruit flavors and light carbonation. GuS – Grown-up Soda is a product of Utmost Brands, Inc., New York, NY. More information at

About Alaska Distributors Co.:
Alaska Distributors Co., founded in 1934, distributes spirits, wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages in Alaska and wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages in Washington and Northern Idaho. As a broker, it operates in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. Their operating divisions include Alaska Distributors Co., Spirits West, Great Northern Beverage, Friendly Distributors and Harvest Vine Distributing and the Company employs more than 800 team members. More information at