New Organic essn ENERGY Is First USDA and Mission Organic Certified Energy Beverage To Hit The U.S.


@@img1Pleasanton, CA, July 02, 2007 – New Organic essn ENERGY is the first USDA certified Organic and Mission Organic energy beverage delivering pure-energy sourced from nature, not test tubes.

Organic essn ENERGY is produced by San Francisco Bay Area-based SkylarHaley, whose award winning product portfolio includes essn sparkling juices, Stoneridge Orchards dried fruits and AchievONE nutritional coffee beverage. New essn ENERGY’S innovative formula is derived from nature’s own super nutrients and powerful antioxidants including Kenyan Green Tea, Brazilian Yerba Mate and Guarana.

The lightly carbonated beverage combines the on-trend flavor of antioxidant rich pomegranate with the exotic accent of limeflower, while remaining completely free of additives, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup.

About SkylarHaley
SkylarHaley is a product innovation leader with strong focus on the food and beverage category and a talent for creating brands that move people. Established in 2003, the San Francisco Bay Area-based private company boasts an award winning portfolio of “first-to-market” products that include: essn Sparkling Juices, America’s first all-natural sparkling juices made from real varietal fruits; Stoneridge Orchards and Stoneridge Orchards Organics, America”s first line of infused, sulfite free and preservative free dried fruits, and AchievONE, America’s first balanced – low carbohydrate, low sugar and zero fat – great tasting coffee drink.
The beverage is packaged in a clean, modern silver and green 12 oz. can to capture the imagination of today’s health-savvy consumer concerned both with what they put in their body and its impact on the planet. The recommended selling price for Organic essn ENERGY is $1.99. Interested distributors should call 1-866-759-5274 for stockist information.

“We have responded to America’s growing interest for smart beverages, creating a new “pure-energy” sub-category to boost retailer profits. Essn ENERGY fills a consumer need for a great tasting source of organic, pure-energy that is as good for the planet as it is for the consumer,” comments Peter Vermeulen, General Manager, Skylar Haley.

The brand uses the tagline “Energize Your Spirit :)” and is set to forge the way by capitalizing on two key consumer trends.
1. A continued thirst for functional beverages – with the two billion-dollar energy category continuing to enjoy exponential growth at +700% since 2000
2. Consumer desire for healthier options, witnessed by double-digit growth in the organic beverage category with 2005 sales topping $1.9 billion

Organic essn ENERGY is backed by a six-figure marketing support program that includes extensive sampling, event marketing and a national public relations program.