Arrowhead Lightens Up With New Eco-shape Bottle

GREENWICH, Conn., Aug. 28 – Arrowhead’s half liter bottle has a new look, and it’s more than just a pretty, ergonomic shape. With about thirty percent less plastic than the average half liter plastic beverage container, the new Eco-shape bottle is the lightest half liter plastic beverage container on the market today (1). The innovative technology and engineering behind Eco-shape maintain usability while reducing plastic content. And Eco-shape is the latest initiative in Arrowhead’s long-standing commitment to the environment.

Arrowhead Eco-shape was designed for consumers who want the convenience of a healthful bottled beverage in a grab and go shape that is also environmentally friendly. Eco-shape feels lighter, even crunchy. In fact, it is the lightest half liter plastic beverage bottle produced, weighing 12.5 grams on average (1). In addition to less plastic, the label is thirty percent smaller than the previous label.

"Arrowhead is committed to conserving the environment in which we operate through our manufacturing practices such as efficient water and energy use and reducing the amount of plastic in our bottles," says Tim Prager, General Manager, West Retail, Arrowhead Brand Natural Spring Water. "As part of our commitment, our new Eco-shape bottle is a big step in our long tradition and track record of environmental stewardship," he added.

Because it is more environmentally-friendly, consumers feel good about Eco-shape. Four out of five consumers preferred the new Arrowhead Eco-shape bottle to the non Eco-shape version. After learning this new bottle was better for the environment, Eco-shape’s eco-friendly design further increased consumer preference.

Arrowhead bottled spring water provides consumers of all ages with a healthful, on-the-go beverage option to enjoy any time of day. Obesity and health-related challenges continue to rise and choosing to drink water instead of sugary beverages is a healthy lifestyle choice. Now, the Arrowhead Eco- shape bottle lets consumers enjoy the convenience and refreshment of bottled spring water while also helping minimize their own environmental footprint.

Arrowhead Eco-shape is currently available throughout the western region of the United States at local grocers including Safeway, Ralph’s, Albertson’s and Vons, as well as through mass merchandisers such as Target and Wal-Mart. In grocery stores, Arrowhead Eco-shape is sold in a 6-pack with a suggested retail price (SRP) of $2.49 or in a 24-pack with a SRP of $4.99. In some markets it is also available in a 12-pack, 28-pack, or 35-pack.

(1) Based on a nationally conducted audit of half liter bottles. Thirty four different half liter bottles across the water, soda, and tea categories were weighed in twelve cities. On average, Arrowhead Eco-shape was found to be the lightest half liter bottle on the market, containing 30% less plastic when compared to the average of other beverages.
About Arrowhead

Arrowhead(R) Brand Mountain Spring Water is a natural mountain spring water selectively sourced from multiple mountain spring sources in the United States and Canada. Arrowhead(R) Mountain Spring Water, which is available in the western region of the United States, including California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Nevada, is distributed by Nestlé Waters North America Inc., located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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Nestle Waters North America Inc. is the number one bottled water company in the U.S. Its family of 15 well-known brands includes Poland Spring(R) Brand Natural Spring Water, the leading spring water brand in America. Consumers around the U.S. enjoy other popular regional brands such as Arrowhead(R), Deer Park(R), Ice Mountain(R), Ozarka(R) and Zephyrhills(R). Nestle Waters North America also imports globally recognized bottled water brands such as Perrier(R) and S. Pellegrino(R). The company is related to Nestle Waters, based in Paris, the bottled water division of the Swiss company, Nestle, S.A.

About Nestle Waters North America Sustainability Commitment
Nestle Waters North America spring water brands come from carefully selected spring sources that are honored for their great-tasting water. These brands have a long history of sustainability. They are dedicated to creating beverages that are good for consumers — and for the environment, and they are committed to moving toward a lighter environmental footprint, from source to bottle.