Arizona Beverages and Andy Roddick Team up for Energy

@@img1 Lake Success, New York, October 3, 2007  – AriZona Beverages and tennis superstar, Andy Roddick have teamed up to create Hypotonic Performance Sports Drink.
Unlike conventional Sports Drinks now available on the market, AriZona’s new Hypotonic Performance proprietary formula increases the rate of fluid absorption by the body’s cells. Faster hydration means less fatigue, quicker response and overall better performance. It is the only sports drink on the market that is fortified with calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A & E, and infused with amino acids.
The product is packaged in a 20-ounce PET bottle with graphics depicting the likeness of Andy Roddick on the front label.
"We worked with Andy and his trainer to develop this performance-enhancing formula." said Wesley Vultaggio, AriZona Creative Director. "As far as enhancing one’s athletic performance, the product we’ve developed is light years away from what is currently out there. And, it taste great! We incorporated Andy’s favorite flavor of Lemon-Lime for a refreshing citrus taste."
And how does the tennis star like working with AriZona? "I’m thrilled to work with an innovative company like AriZona" said Roddick. "They continually bring great products to market and I’ve enjoyed assisting them with their latest beverage." Andy Roddick is represented by Ken Meyerson of SFX Tennis, a Blue Equity Company.
AriZona Hypotonic Performance Sports Drink is currently being test marketed in New York, Florida and the Chicago market. Suggested retail is $1.50/bottle. 
The AriZona Brand was introduced in 1992 and has grown to become the leading player in the ready-to-drink, hot-filled tea market.
Blue Equity’s holdings in sports are comprised of SFX Worlwide, Worldwide Football, Blackwave Sports, Team Championships Int. (TCI), Game Seven Sports Marketing and Humarks.