PURCHASE, N.Y. (February 27, 2008) – Straight from their much buzzed-about Super Bowl debut, the SoBe Lizards are bringing their Thrillicious message to the world’s largest outdoor stage – New York’s Times Square.  The SoBe Lizards – whose moves to the groove of “Thriller” helped make SoBe Life Water’s Super Bowl ad a fan favorite and sparked an online frenzy – will make their presence felt in a larger-than-life way on video walls starting March 19 and on a huge billboard at the highly trafficked intersection of New York City’s 7th Avenue and 47th Street later in the month.

Over the next few weeks, the rhythmic reptiles will slither their way across Manhattan and the nation, spreading the SoBe Life Water Thrillicious movement from coast to coast through audacious billboard displays.

“With Thrillicious, SoBe Life Water brings glamour to the water business.  The SoBe Lizards have become true ambassadors to the hipness of water and are creating a pop culture event around the category for the first time,” said Peter Arnell, CEO of The Arnell Group, who masterminded bringing to life the SoBe Lizards as dancing and rebellious, yet irresistible creatures.

A basic element of the SoBe logo, the Lizards quickly have become pop culture personalities – and the true face and image of the brand.

Created and designed by Arnell, the billboards further the in-your-face coolness of both the characters and the beverages.  One of the SoBe Lizards features a bejeweled mouth grill with the word “SoBe” embedded in the billboard image.  The creative also prominently plays up the Thrillicious concept.


Massimo d’Amore, chief executive officer of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, commented, “SoBe Life Water is not only an enhanced water; it is a lifestyle unto itself.  We are providing consumers the healthiest, most fun and refreshing products, delivering the incredibly positive benefits of hydration and unmatched brand experiences.  This billboard blitz will enable consumers to experience on a street level the uniqueness of SoBe, the SoBe Lizards and the overall Thrillicious movement from New York to Los Angeles – no matter where they work or live.” 

The billboards will continue the momentum and appeal of SoBe Life Water, the SoBe Lizards and Thrillicious.  The Super Bowl spot featuring the song “Thriller” and starring supermodel Naomi Campbell along with the dancing SoBe Lizards was viewed online an astounding 5 million times in just two weeks.  The YouTubeTM community made Thrillicious its most viewed Super Bowl spot, with more than 1 million views alone. 

The overall Thrillicious movement comes as SoBe Life Water has reformulated five delicious, low-calorie flavors – Blackberry Grape, Pomegranate Cherry, Orange Tangerine, Strawberry Kiwi and Passionfruit Citrus -each infused with a unique mix of antioxidant vitamins C & E, essential B vitamins and healthy herbal ingredients. 

Along with SoBe Life Water, PepsiCo has the nation’s most comprehensive hydration portfolio, including category-leading products under the Gatorade, Propel and Aquafina trademarks.  Building upon the company’s non-carbonated beverage advantage, PepsiCo will continue to focus on its entire hydration portfolio throughout the year.