Cobá Launches New Distribution in Three Whole Foods Regions

Cobá to Kick Off Whole Foods Aguas Frescas Launch Starting in the Pacific Northwest, Florida and Rocky Mountains

Los Angeles, CA – True to its natural roots, Cobá has recently launched in three Whole Foods Markets regions.  Those regions include the Pacific Northwest that covers the Oregon and Washington states, Florida statewide from Pensacola to Miami as well as the Rocky Mountain Region encompassing Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Kansas.

The two companies share ideological similarities, Whole Foods’ core values include a dedication to quality and unique products, customer satisfaction, and win-win partnerships among suppliers and its markets. For its part, Cobá’s social mission initiatives include increasing awareness in the arts, promotion of entrepreneurship amongst youth and aiding in diabetes awareness and prevention.

While the natural connection is the most obvious, the launch in these three regions also creates a unique opportunity for growth into the emerging Latino market.  Not only are aguas frescas a staple amongst Latinos, but also the ready-to-drink format (RTD) and authentic flavor of Cobá will set it apart on the Whole Foods Market shelves.  For more information on Whole Foods or to find a location near you please visit:

CEO, Ventura shared, “the (Whole Foods) launch represents a great opportunity for the company to define the language of the aguas frescas category, in turn strengthening our pioneering position and further validates the category in the beverage space.”

Cobá is a downtown Los Angeles based beverage company that first launched in Northern California.  Its co-founders, Stanford Business School graduates Arnulfo G. Ventura and Jose L. Domene, were inspired while attending school in Palo Alto to create their very own RTD aguas frescas when they realized aguas were not more readily available in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For more information on Cobá please visit: