Natural Products Association Helps to Defeat the Durbin Amdendment

Washington, DC (Thursday, May 24, 2012) – The Natural Products Association (NPA) is the leading representative of the dietary supplement industry with over 1,900 members, including suppliers and retailers of vitamins and other dietary supplements. Jeff Wright, president of NPA, comments on today’s defeat of the Durbin amendment that would have imposed needless regulation on the dietary supplement industry:

“In another victory for Natural Products Association members and the industry, the Durbin amendment has been defeated with the U.S. Senate approving Senator Tom Harkin’s motion to table the Durbin amendment by a final vote of 77-20.

The Senate vote was a significant victory for the industry. Senator Durbin announced his intention to seek a vote on his amendment for the first time late Tuesday evening and worked hard to “whip” votes on his surprise amendment all day Wednesday and Thursday, including making several statements on the Senate floor.

Starting Tuesday night, NPA began working with our Congressional champions and fellow stakeholders to defeat the amendment. The efforts continued all day Wednesday as NPA coordinated with the other trade associations to ensure that every single Senate office was contacted and asked to oppose the amendment. NPA also reached out to its powerful grassroots network, which responded with a flood of outreach to Capitol Hill. Finally, today all five trade associations came together and issued a joint statement expressing our united opposition to the amendment.


NPA would like to thank all of the members who reached out to their senators to urge them to oppose the Durbin amendment. It is important that we all remember that the regulation of dietary supplements remains a hot topic for members of Congress. We must remain engaged because these issues are likely to be revisited.”


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