Q Drinks Launches Ginger Beer

Q Ginger Beer 9oz BottleBROOKLYN, N.Y. — The carbonated crusaders behind Q Tonic, Q Ginger, Q Club, and Q Kola are launching a spectacular ginger beer: Q Ginger Beer.

Other ginger beers try to be both a spicy soda and a mixer. So they end up doing neither well. Most don’t have nearly enough spice. The ones that do are way too sweet, like liquid candy. And none have enough carbonation to stay fizzy even after being mixed with a spirit and served on ice.

Jordan Silbert, founder of Q Drinks, explains “So I made Q Ginger Beer exactly how I wanted it: with a big ginger punch that’s almost too much, but also highly carbonated and clean and crisp rather than sickly sweet. It’s a mixer and only a mixer – exactly what your rum, vodka, and whiskey are looking for.”

Q Ginger Beer is available in three different package types: 9oz glass, 12oz slim can, and 750ml glass. Q Ginger Beer is launching in glass at BevMo! and cocktail lounges including the Experimental Cocktail Club and Long Island Bar and in 12oz slim cans at Target.

About Q Drinks

Q Drinks makes the world’s best sodas – clean, crisp, completely ungeneric beverages that stand proudly on their own or enhance the finest spirits. We use the best ingredients we can find, irrespective of cost or complexity, and then agonize over our recipes to make sure each bottle of Q has balance, depth, and complexity. So our superior sodas are perfect on their own and good enough to mix with the best spirits. And so good that they’ll change the way you think about soda. For more info please visit www.QDrinks.com or call 718.398. 6642.