AriZona Adds Green Tea With Cucumber with Citrus to Portfolio

23oz-GRTCUC-300WOODBURY, NY (PRWEB) MARCH 17, 2017 — AriZona Beverages is revamping its portfolio with the addition of cucumber to America’s best-selling green tea. Green Tea with Cucumber and Citrus is now available in the iconic 23 ounce Big Can serving up classic style with a sophisticated twist.

AriZona Green Tea Cucumber with Citrus is 100% natural, following in the footsteps of the original fan favorite. The new addition to the line provides subtle cooling and refreshing hydration with a touch of Sue Bee Orange Honey™, delivering a revitalizing experience like you’re at the spa. Green Tea’s look is also getting a refresh, featuring a new matte finish label with iconic cherry blossom imagery alongside the vibrant citrus and cucumber artwork.

AriZona Green Tea Cucumber with Citrus will begin rollout in the New York Metro area and will continue distribution nationwide in select supermarket chains across the country. The suggested retail price is 99 cents for a 23 ounce can. Like all other AriZona Beverages this product contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

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About AriZona

AriZona Beverages, founded in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1992, is proud to be a family-owned and operated American company. AriZona’s mission is to offer top quality beverages in uniquely designed packages that are accessible and affordable. AriZona Beverages — makers of the number one ready-to-drink Iced Tea in America – holds a unique position in the global beverage industry with its iconic $0.99 big can and “keeping it real” no frills approach to the consumer market. AriZona never pays for glitzy advertising campaigns to gain consumer loyalty and is constantly ahead of the curve, carving out trends without the use of focus groups and market research. With a loyal following across various demographics, AriZona pulls its own inspiration from its fierce social media following and devoted fan base. To learn more about the AriZona please visit; Facebook: AriZonaIcedTea; Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @DrinkAriZona