Ken Sadowsky Joins Dyla Brands as Investor and Advisor

Ken Sadowsky

Ken Sadowsky has joined Dyla Brands (Dyla LLC), which wholly owns and operates Stur Drinks and FORTO Coffee, as an investor and an advisor.

Ken Sadowsky is known by insiders in the beverage business as “the beverage whisperer” for having an incredible track record of investing in and advising many of the fastest-growing and most successful new beverages over the last 20 years, including Glaceau/VitaminWater, VitaCoco, and Bai. Prior to becoming a prominent investor and advisor in the industry, Ken was a principal of Atlas Distributing Inc., overseeing the non-alcoholic beverage division that he developed. The division was founded in 1988 and sales were $50k that year. In 2007, sales were over $16 million and the total company sales were in excess of $75 million.

Since launching in all U.S. Military Bases, FORTO Coffee energy shots have been driving rapid growth as the #1 U.S. Coffee Shot. Being 1st to market with a shelf-stable 2oz. coffee with milk, FORTO is well-positioned to continue rapidly growing the energy shot category by attracting the 200 million Americans who drink 3+ cups of coffee per day.

Ken has already played a role in guiding the product development of FORTO, having pushed the team to add organic milk to the initial black-coffee versions on the market. Neel Premkumar, Founder and CEO of FORTO, shares: “Having Kenny by our side is helping to guide our rapid growth, as well as the recruitment of A+ talent.”

“The FORTO brand made obvious sense from the beginning, and they took the time to get the product right,” Sadowsky said. “I believe Dyla has two great brands here in Stur and FORTO which both have an opportunity to become significant business and category leaders.”

About Dyla Brands

Dyla is one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in the U.S., with 2 brands sold in over 25,000 retail stores nationwide. Dyla was recently awarded SmartCEO’s NJ “Future50” Award, as one of the 50 fastest-growing businesses in the state of New Jersey (the Future 50 winners collectively generated more than $2.15 billion in annual revenue and employ 14,419 individuals in New Jersey). Dyla competes in the Energy Drink/Shot category with its FORTO Coffee shot brand, and competes in the Drink Mix category with its Stur Drink Mix brand.


FORTO is the #1 Coffee Energy Shot, sold in over 15,000 retail stores across North America, including Rite-Aid, Albertsons-Safeway, Sunoco, Sheetz, Barnes & Noble, Hudson News, and more. Created by a father of twins needing wholesome energy – It is made with Organic & Fair-Trade Colombian Coffee – with Extra Energy (200mg caffeine) added through our unique Cold Brew process. The name FORTO is derived from the Italian word for strong (forté), as each handheld bottle of FORTO has as much energy as 2 regular cups of coffee! Since launching across all U.S. Military bases, FORTO has been driving incremental growth for the Energy Shot category in retail stores nationwide. For additional information on FORTO, please visit

About Stur

Stur is the fastest-growing brand in the $1.5 billion Drink Mix category, with products in both liquid and powder format. Made by a father for his family to love water naturally, Stur only contains Organic or Natural ingredients, including real fruit and stevia extracts. Since launching in 2012, Stur has been seen by millions of consumers on monthly TV Shopping shows and has over 100,000 Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest fans. Stur is also the #1 selling drink mix item on Amazon, and is sold in thousands of Natural & Grocery stores across North America, including Walmart-CA, Target, Kroger, Ahold, Albertsons, Publix, Food Lion, Winn-Dixie, Loblaw, ShopRite, Meijer, HEB, and more – driving incremental growth at retail. For additional information on Stur, please visit