BUBBL’R Expands Distribution to Additional 2,500+ Locations

BUBBL’R Antioxidant Sparkling Water, a leader in the enhanced sparkling water category, has announced immediate distribution expansion to over 2,500 new locations across the country. Known as water’s bubblier and more energetic best friend, BUBBL’R is packed with vitamins and natural caffeine, and is bubbling with flavor with zero grams sugar and no artificial sweeteners!

BUBBL’R distribution expansion includes select nationwide CVS locations, Albertson’s, Circle K, 7Eleven, and
Kroger stores. In addition, regional retailers such as Kwik Trip, Fareway, Schnucks, and Kum & Go have also added
BUBBL’R to their stores with its increase in popularity and demand.

“We are ecstatic to be partnering with best-in-class retailers to expand the availability of BUBBL’R to customers throughout the country,” said Tyler Hartmann, Director of Marketing and Brand Development for BUBBL’R. “More than ever, people are looking for healthier beverages with functional benefits and we are now able to meet the consumers where they shop. We are just getting started and there’s so much more to come!”

BUBBL’R’s expansion has seen 171% growth in retail sales over the last 12 months with more expansion partnerships coming in 2021.

To find a location near you, visit http://www.drinkbubblr.com/store-locator/.


BUBBL’R first launched in 2017 as a sub-brand of Klarbrunn, a Wisconsin company owned by thirty-seven families that represent independently owned Pepsi bottlers. BUBBL’R is an antioxidant sparkling water with zero grams of sugar that boosts, energizes and restores balance. It has natural flavors and colors, with no artificial sweeteners and naturally sourced caffeine from guarana. BUBBL’R is sweeter than sparkling water which makes it a uniquely satisfying, healthy beverage option. Klarbrunn is owned and manufactured by WIS-PAK, Inc. with the Brand’s corporate office located in Madison, Wisconsin.