Elemental Beverage Co. Expands Into Whole Foods

WATERTOWN, Mass. — Elemental Beverage Co., the innovative beverage company behind Snapchilled canned coffee, has launched in more than 40 Whole Foods locations across the North Atlantic region including Central Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island. This is the company’s first distribution in Whole Foods Markets.

Elemental Beverage Co. offers coffee drinkers a new way to experience freshly brewed flavors with their patented Snapchill™ Technology. Created to capture, preserve and enhance every note, distinction and flavor of coffee, without oxidation, dilution or additives, Elemental’s Snapchill™ Technology reinvents cold coffee and delivers an unparalleled tasting experience.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Elemental’s premium, single-origin coffee to the North Atlantic region of Whole Foods and look forward to the opportunity to expand even further across the country as we continue to develop and grow our production capabilities,” said Ryan McDonnell, Chief Beverage Officer of Elemental Beverage Co. “Customers are responding well to the pure and amplified flavors, aroma and freshness preserved by Snapchilling. The rare high-quality, single-origin coffees we offer and the transparency with which we’ve labeled our ready-to-drink cans has really resonated with our consumers.”

Elemental’s premium ready-to-drink, single-origin canned coffees – Kolla Bolcha, Vista al Bosque, and Kayanza – are currently available at Whole Foods retailing at $5.00/can. The brand also has a direct-to-consumer e-commerce site.

For more information on Elemental Beverage Co., visit elementalbeverage.co or follow @elementalbevco.

About Elemental Beverage Company

Headquartered in Watertown, MA, Elemental Beverage Co. uses groundbreaking thermodynamics innovation and tried-and-true heat exchange technology to create Snapchill™ Beverage Technology that enables a perfectly prepared cold cup of single origin, direct trade coffee each and every time. Founded by a cold coffee-loving MIT graduate, David Dussault, Elemental Beverage Co. seeks to reimagine the cold experience by cooling beverages in seconds to amplify and preserve their aroma, richness, body and flavor. The patented heat exchange technology combines thermodynamics, engineering, and artistry to transform fresh, hot coffee to become cold in seconds. Elementals technology combined with proprietary cold coffee production expertise vastly improves the taste of any coffee – without ice, dilution or chemicals.

***Also the company behind the ColdWave Pitcher

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