Rogue Energy Launches Dragon Fruit Mango Flavor

GREEN BAY, Wis.– Popular gaming drink brand, Rogue Energy, is excited to introduce their latest drink flavor: Dragon Fruit Mango.  This highly-anticipated new flavor will be available worldwide online as early as September 2020.

The refreshing and delicious Dragon Fruit Mango flavor is an intriguing new addition to Rogue’s incredibly popular, stimulant-free “Hydration” product line introduced in March.  Packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants, Rogue Hydration is a zero-caffeine formula packed with more ingredients than many other sports drinks in the same category.

“When designing our brand new Rogue Hydration line, we wanted to introduce a drink that our fans could enjoy at any time of day,” says Zac Dudzik, Co-Founder and CEO at Rogue Energy.  “Our flagship Rogue Energy line is already designed as the perfect energy drink for gaming but our fans were persistently asking us to design a stimulant-free version that they could drink in the evening while streaming and gaming.  We are very excited about Dragon Fruit Mango in particular because we feel it is a more unique and interesting flavor than what most gaming drink companies are creating.”

Rogue Energy’s new Dragon Fruit Mango Hydration flavor will be the second of many flavors (their first being Fruit Punch) that will make up their ever-expanding Rogue Hydration product line.  “We intend to continue to add unique and refreshing new flavors to the Rogue Hydration product line,” says Zac.

About Rogue Energy

Rogue Energy is an industry leader in the emerging powdered gaming drink market.  Founded in 2017, they have focused on creating the industry’s most effective and delicious gaming drinks for gamers, eSports athletes, live streamers, and content creators.

Rogue Energy partners with popular gamers and streamers on to keep them energized and focused during their high intensity gaming sessions.

For more information about Rogue Energy, please visit or follow them on Twitter or Instagram @TheRogueEnergy.

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