So Good So You Now Packaging All Product in Sustainable Bottles

MINNEAPOLIS– So Good So You, the category leader in premium refrigerated wellness shots, is now packaging all product using a sustainable bottle that’s a first for the beverage industry. Named BtrBtl™, the innovative packaging looks similar to other plastics, but features a proprietary additive which allows it to biodegrade in landfills at an accelerated rate, breaking down in years versus centuries, without leaving microplastic fragments behind.

BtrBtl is one solution to a fractured recycling system. According to National Geographic, more than 90 percent of plastic waste ends up in landfills, regardless of proper recycling. The harmful effects of overwhelmed landfills have polluted soil and water sources for millions of people, and contributed to greenhouse gases that cause dangerous climate change.  Additionally, COVID-19 has led to a widespread increase of single-use packaging, placing additional stress on the system while reducing essential recycling capabilities, inundating landfills at a heightened rate.**

BtrBtl is fully recyclable, but if placed in the trash or diverted from the recycling stream, will biodegrade more than 30 percent after the first year in commercial landfill conditions*. This requires no change in consumer behavior, yet offers a significant improvement to packaging end-of-life results. BtrBtl ultimately turns into water, soil and gas — which can be collected and converted into clean energy at landfill facilities.

So Good So You has produced a short film that shares the many issues within our broken recycling system, and how BtrBtl offers a meaningful, revolutionary solution. Video available upon request.

So Good So You was founded on the principle that by working together, positive change can be created, for the love of body and planet™. “The earth is our home, and we want to do everything we can to keep it healthy for ourselves and future generations,” says So Good So You co-founder and board chair, Rita Katona. “After two years of planning, all our immune-supporting shots will be packaged in the BtrBtl, and with this innovation we hope to inspire individuals and other companies to make decisions that put people and planet first. Our goal continues to be creating products that are delicious, nutrient-dense, beneficial to the world as a whole, and supportive of the health and well-being of every person and community they touch.”

Sustainability has always been part of So Good So You’s approach. All functional shots are made in its 100 percent renewable energy-powered, zero-waste manufacturing facility in Minneapolis. With BtrBtl, the brand takes sustainability and its commitment to finding consumer-friendly solutions to the ecological crisis to the next level.  “We know there is a long way to go in making substantial change to the broken waste management system. With BtrBtl, we’ve found a better way to package our beverages, and we look forward to a future where all companies and individuals continue to drive meaningful change,” says Eric Hall, So Good So You co-founder and CEO.

So Good So You’s plant-based functional beverages are made with only certified organic and non-GMO-verified ingredients, and it is the number one premium brand in the emerging functional shot category, available in 47 states in more than 4,000 stores nationwide, including Target, Publix, Sprouts and Safeway. The brand’s juice shots are packed with one billion CFUs of probiotics, to naturally support the immune and digestive system, and are available in varieties to address everyday needs including Immunity, Energy, Sleep, Detox, Digestion, Beauty, Longevity and Endurance. So Good So You believes ingredients matter, and thus nutrition is true to the plant source. Every bottle is filled with nutritious plant-based goodness, packed with nutrients fully derived from fruit and vegetable ingredients no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or concentrates.

About So Good So You

So Good So You was founded on the core concept that the products we buy and use are a direct connection to a larger community and purpose. Our mission and values extend far beyond our delicious and functional plant-based beverages: we’re a community of passionate humans driven to make a difference, and we believe collectively, we can make a positive impact on our body and planet. For more information, visit

We craft our functional shots in our 100 percent renewable energy-powered manufacturing facility at our headquarters in Minneapolis. All So Good So You shots are packaged in the BtrBtl™, whose increased biodegradation allows for conversion of the package to usable energy in a landfill.  We use only organic, non-GMO, real ingredients. Each bottle is packed with vitamins and minerals that are fully derived from their fruit and vegetable ingredients, made to support our community’s everyday needs such as Energy, Sleep and Immunity. Packed with more than one billion probiotic CFUs to support immune and digestive health, So Good So You’s juice shots are plant-based, certified organic and non-GMO verified. We utilize High Pressure Processing (HPP) to kill bacteria, lock in nutrients, and ensure premium quality and flavor.

*Accelerated biodegradation based on ASTM D5526-94 testing showing that the treated PET used for the BtrBtl biodegrades 31.7 – 37.0 % after 391 days in active landfill conditions compared to 2% biodegradation of untreated PET


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