America Is Overwhelmed By Wellness, Sunwink’s First Campaign Offers A New Approach

San Francisco — Sunwink has boldly put the Wellness Industry on notice. The female-founded CPG brand on a mission to nourish and re-energize the connection between people and plants proudly presents its first-ever campaign “When Wellness Feels Impossible” with the goal to demystify, desaturate, and destress the often-overwhelming industry. With hundreds of thousands of SKUs, infinite “solutions,” and more advice than anybody knows what to do with, it was time to make this vertical user-friendly. “When Wellness Feels Impossible” simplifies the saturated and polarizing wellness industry by offering plants as the solution to those who find themselves in doubt.

Launched in 2019, Sunwink introduced sparkling tonics that make it easy to integrate super herbs and superfoods into everyday life. Most recently, the brand unveiled a versatile line of Superfood Powders great for smoothies, drinks and even cupcakes, all in an effort to reconnect people to the healing power of the Earth. Since its formation, the company has achieved exponential growth, burgeoning as an industry leader.

With original research in partnership with The Harris Poll, Sunwink identified that over 3 in 5 Americans are overwhelmed by the $4.5T wellness industry, at a time when we have more wellness products, methods, rituals, influences, and media resources than ever. On the heels of this finding, Sunwink has unveiled an impact report and remains committed to giving consumers this key intelligence.

“The pressure of “perfectionism” and an image of exclusivity builds a barrier for those who want to be ‘well’, ”reports Eliza Ganesh, co-founder and CEO of Sunwink. “Wellness culture doesn’t have to be exclusionary; it can speak to all people.”

In order to address the shocking statistics about consumers’ trepidation and anxiety toward the wellness industry, Sunwink looked at the industry in a playful way, introducing a digital and out-of-home campaign. The brand partnered with comedian and notable social media star admired by Oprah Winfrey, the Kardashians and Katie Couric, Robyn Schall to champion realism and reach more diverse individuals than ever, all backed by the original research study that takes a critical look at the category. Schall stars in the parody video created with agency &Walsh led by Jessica Walsh and Directed by Aleksandra Kingo that includes a goat, charcoal toothpaste, and other popular offbeat trends from the last few years.

The company’s “Overwhelmed by Wellness” impact report chronicles feedback from The Harris Poll and details Sunwink’s stance and impact on the industry at large, suggesting the following:

  • We celebrate the image of perfection and not the process.
  • There is a need for truth and clarity. Endless choices and claims have pulled us further from nature.
  • There is option overload. The industry rewards moreness vs. wholeness.
  • The current state of wellness overlooks the power of connecting with plants and connecting with people.

“Our goal is to create a brand that uplifts and supports people on their journey,” said Sunwink co-founder Jordan Schenck. “Our work and research through this campaign further establishes our belief that consumers should do what works best for them in developing a wellness equation. We put our faith in the Earth and believe in the simple, yet proven power of plants.”

The campaign unveils online on Tuesday, April 27th with Robyn Schall’s parody video alongside an original study mapping out consumer sentiment on the health and wellness category.

About Sunwink

Sunwink is a female-founded, plant powered wellness company for the masses.  We believe people are at their healthiest and happiest when plants are a part of their daily diets. Our vision is that all people will incorporate superfoods and super herbs into their everyday food and beverage routines. All of our products are crafted with the cleanest functional ingredients. Our first products are Sparkling Tonics, and consumers have fallen in love with their functional benefits and delicious, innovative taste. Each Sunwink product is inspired by a thought leader, vetted by a clinical herbalist and 2% of net sales go to organizations chosen by the thought leader. Consumers have never been more hungry for food and beverage products that put their health and wellness first through the power of plants. Since launching in 2019, Sunwink has experienced explosive growth with both national retailers like Whole Foods and in their online business. This growth is propelling Sunwink to become a household name in superfoods and super herbs.

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