Juice Shot Brand So Good So You Launches “Shot for a Shot” Giveaway to Encourage Vaccinations

MINNEAPOLIS — Functional beverage company So Good So You, the nation’s top producer of immune-boosting probiotic juice shots, today launches a national marketing campaign to offer those who have received their COVID-19 vaccination a free juice shot. “Get Your Shot, Get Our Shot Free,” rewards people who have gotten a vaccine to help stop community spread of COVID-19. Once vaccinated, consumers can receive their free So Good So You juice shot by visiting www.freejuiceshot.com and registering for a coupon.

“This program is a natural fit — we also make shots that promote wellness, so there’s a real connection beyond just the obvious play on words. At So Good So You, we’re all about community. And if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we’re all interconnected and we need to protect one another for the good of people — and planet,” says Rita Katona, co-founder and board chair, So Good So You. “Prioritizing the immune system is in our brand’s DNA: every one of our shots contains one billion CFUs of probiotics, and we’re here to promote not only our immune-boosting approach to health and wellness, but also to help educate everyone that getting your COVID vaccine doesn’t contradict that philosophy. A vaccine takes advantage of your body’s own natural immunity response.”

The mission of So Good So You is to promote health for people and planet. Each functional juice shot is packed with vitamins and nutrients derived from organic, non-GMO, real ingredients, and are formulated to support everyday needs including Energy, Sleep and Immunity. Packed with more than one billion probiotic CFUs to support immune and digestive health, So Good So You juice shots are packaged in bottles designed specifically to allow for accelerated biodegradation without leaving microplastics behind, ultimately reducing harmful environmental waste. Every shot is cold-pressed in the company’s 100 percent renewable energy-powered manufacturing facility, using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to kill bacteria, lock in nutrients, and ensure premium quality and flavor.

About So Good So You

So Good So You, a market leader in the juice shot category, makes cold-pressed, all-organic plant-based functional beverages available in more than 5,500 stores in 47 states. The company was founded on the core concept that the products it creates, and the materials it buys and uses are a direct connection to a larger community and purpose. Its mission and values extend far beyond delicious and functional plant-based beverages: So Good So You is a community of passionate humans driven to make a difference, and it believes collectively, we all can make a positive impact on body and planet.

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