Review: Oath

Posted: Nov 04, 2019 at 4:42 PM (Last Updated: Nov 05, 2019 at 11:24 AM)

Covers Products: Double Chocolate , Golden Turmeric, Matcha Chai, Indian Rose

Oath is a new line of organic plant-based protein smoothies made with an oat milk base and sweetened with apple fiber. Each 12 oz. bottle contains 15-16 grams of protein and 5-10 grams of fiber, depending on the SKU.

Oath’s four initial flavors include Double Chocolate, Matcha Chai, Golden Turmeric and Indian Rose. 

While all of the products contain oat milk, the formulas vary when it comes to both their flavor and sources of protein; honestly, it gets a little bit confusing. Double Chocolate has almond protein, Matcha Chai has pumpkin seed protein, and Indian Rose and Golden Turmeric include both almond and pumpkin seed protein. Finally, there’s a “nut free” callout on the side of Matcha Chai, despite being “manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts” and therefore not allergen-free. 

Fortunately, when it comes to taste, all of the flavors of Oath are quite palatable. Perhaps this will be no surprise, but Double Chocolate is the standout amongst the bunch. It delivers a rich chocolate flavor with notes of oat milk and almond milk (which is what the combination of oat milk and almond protein tastes like). There’s some grit to the body, but it doesn’t really take away from what’s otherwise a clean finish.

As for the other three flavors, we were also quite fond of Golden Turmeric -- basically “golden milk” with turmeric and spice flavors -- and Matcha Chai (although we’d love just a bit more matcha). While Indian Rose, basically like a chai with rose water, is enjoyable, we feel like it’s the most esoteric sounding of the lineup and will likely only appeal to the adventurous consumer. We’d suggest recasting this as something more understandable.

By choosing to abstain from stevia, monk fruit or cane sugar, Oath certainly has an advantage in flavor compared to the competition. And though it contains 220-260 calories and 12-13 grams of sugar, it’s not massively higher than some other plant-based smoothies depending on the SKU. From our perspective, this seems like a reasonable value proposition.

On the packaging front, Oath’s bottle features a matte white label full wrap that features the brand logo in a brush stroke font running from bottom to top. The designers have done a nice job of putting the most important elements on the front of the label while keeping it clutter free. These elements include callouts for protein and fiber content, the USDA Organic certification badge and a basic product description. Ultimately, we think that they’ve created something that’s attractive and eye-catching while also pretty intuitive, aside from the choice of nut/seed protein that we mentioned earlier. 

Overall, Oath has done a really nice job coming out of the gate with strong execution and something that feels like a marketable brand. 

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