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Review: Tama Tea

Posted: Feb 10, 2020 at 1:32 PM (Last Updated: Feb 12, 2020 at 11:00 AM)
Tama Tea

Covers Products: Lemon Lavender, Mango Verde, Peach Pear

Tama Tea is a line of zero calorie sparkling green tea made without sweeteners, extracts, concentrates or natural flavors. The product line features three varieties and the products are packaged in 12 oz. cans, with 35 mg of caffeine in each.

This line, which launched in 2019, includes three flavors: Peach Pear, Mango Verde and Lemon Lavender. The ingredient lists are quite simple: filtered sparkling water, organic green tea, fruit and, in some flavors, herbs and citric acid.

When it comes to taste, across the board these products taste clean and accurate. The base starts out with a nice note of green tea, complete with a slightly grassy finish. 

The added ingredients, which taste like they were steeped in the tea, provide a good amount of flavor and we never found ourselves wishing for sweetener. The three SKUs provide some nice diversity: Mango Verde, which is flavored with mango, has a pleasant tropical flavor, while Lemon Lavender contains notes of citrus and lavender and has both a floral aroma and taste. Finally, there’s Peach Pear, which has a slightly lighter and more crisp fruit flavor than Mango Verde. Honestly, they are all quite tasty and we’d be hard pressed to pick our favorite.

Shifting gears to Tama Tea’s packaging, this product uses a printed can (rather than a shrink sleeve label, which is much more common nowadays) featuring a pastel colored design. The Tama Tea logo sits in the middle, but is rather small, while the flavor name and “sparkling green tea” are the core element in the middle of the can. Along the bottom, they have three callouts for “zero”: zero artificial flavors, zero sugar, and zero calories.

This is all a good start, but we’d love to see the colors more vibrant and the Tama Tea logo a bit more prominent, as well as for the copy to focus on what the product is rather than what it isn’t. Looking at the elements on the can, we would have guessed that this was using a zero calorie sweetener and natural flavors -- neither of which is true. They should call more attention to the products’ use of a small, simple ingredient list.

Also, we found some printing issues on two of the three cans that we sampled, which resulted in some parts appearing blurry. Hopefully this can be fixed in the future.

Overall, Tama Tea has done a superb job formulating products that are clean, refreshing, and big on flavor while using a very clean ingredients list. With a packaging upgrade, we think this will be a pretty solid offering.

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