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May-June 2020

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Let’s Play the Rockstar-Bang Shuffle

Think icebergs. With Red Bull and Monster deeply entrenched for the past decade as the two leading energy drink brands, things haven’t visibly changed at the apex of the category. But beneath the waterline, the past two years have brought a sea change.

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Clean Energy Shots Bring New Consumers Into the Category

For over a decade, 5-hour Energy has maintained its momentum as the market leader in the $1 billion energy shot category, currently holding 89% market share according to research firm IRI. While many brands’ attempts to take on the energy shot giant have spiked and crashed, “clean” energy shots have emerged in recent years, offering a better-for-you, sustainable boost that’s bringing new consumers into the category.

2020 Supplier and Services Guide

BevNET’s annual Supplier and Services Guide is an important resource to thousands of beverage brands, natural food brands, craft beer brands, distributors, retailers, and bottlers.

The Surprising Resilience of Malternatives

The mere mention of malternatives, also known as flavored malt beverages (FMBs), can conjure up certain images in the minds of consumers. But despite some outdated stereotypes of spritzy “alcopops” exclusively enjoyed by women, FMBs have doggedly remained a steadfast and growing segment in the alcohol beverage space.


Pandemic Forces Conference Cancellations

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus paralyzing the global economy, two of the food and beverage industry’s major annual trade shows, Natural Products Expo West and Summer Fancy Food Show, were forced to announce the cancellation of their respective 2020 events this spring.

NOSHscape: The Latest Food Brand News

In natural food industry news: Carla Vernón Departs General Mills; Three Twins Founder on Closing: 'We Made the Wrong Bet'; and KRAVE Returns Home With Sale to Sebastiani's Sonoma Brands

Publisher’s Toast: Observations from the Homefront

As I sit here at home for what has now become an eight week seige, I reflect on all that has transpired. Our world as we know it has changed forever. I have often stated that I am not tech savvy, so on the way out of the office I grabbed my 300-plus 5x8” index cards -- my contacts all -- to use to work from home.

The First Drop: Essential Choices

Every day, more vulnerabilities reveal themselves as processing plants, factories and stores become outbreak hotspots. The inability of meat processing facilities to function without putting the lives of workers at severe risk has led to mass tragedy. There is more pain to come in the summer, when picking season will mean a risky choice between needed seasonal employment and the potential for viral infection.

Brewscape: The Latest Craft Beer Brand News

In craft beer news: Brewers Association Survey: 46% of Craft Breweries Say They May Be Forced to Close Within 3 Months; Nielsen CGA Projects BA-Defined Craft to Lose 17.8 Million CEs If On-Premise Closed Through April; Brewers Association Shares 2019 Ranking of Top 50 US Craft Breweries

Bevscape: The Latest Beverage Brand News

In beverage news: Koia Lands Potential "Last Money" With CircleUp Investment; Jennifer Cue Steps Down as Jones Soda CEO; Court Approves Sale of Dean Foods Assets, Including $433M DFA Deal

Gerry’s Insights: Pondering Premium During My Homestay

So, as far as the innovation lifestyle goes, this pandemic is golden, for those of us privileged to shuffle papers from the relative safety of our homes. (Those out in the trenches, totally another story, and they certainly have my admiration and gratitude.) But what does this crisis portend for real innovation as we crawl out of the devastation?