MANHATTAN, NY, January 22, 2003-Inko’s LLC, the first beverage company dedicated to producing Ready-To-Drink teas containing one of the rarest in the world-white tea-today announced availability of its third flavor–Inko’s “White Peach” White Tea.

Created to underscore Inko’s dedication to white tea and the new beverage category it is at the forefront of creating, the company also highlighted its new trademark: Inko’s–“What White Tea Tastes Like”. The new tag line rolls out as the Company approaches its first-year anniversary on the market.

Bottled in 16-ounce stippled glass, Inko’s has combined its rare white tea with an equally rare-to-market 100% all-natural white peach extract in an effort to produce a beverage that is all the more unique to the taste buds of its growing consumer advocates. Inko’s strikes, what it believes to be, a perfect balance of sweetness using fructose crystals-not corn syrup-to bring its drink to customers at fewer than 60 calories per bottle. As always, Inko’s White Tea is devoid of grassy green-tea aftertaste.

“Perhaps a blessing in disguise, Inko’s does not have the means nor the inclination to throw five or ten flavors at once at consumers to see what sticks,” says Founder and President, Andrew Schamisso. “Instead, we take the time to gather feedback from our customer base and test and test again. Our second entry-‘Hint o Mint’-is a winner and already selling at 75 percent of our Inko’s “Original”, which was launched in February 2003. We expect ‘White Peach’ to do equally well if not better.”

Continuing medical research is being conducted to examine the potential health properties in white tea and some studies show that white tea has a higher level of antioxidants than green tea, potentially
making it a superior cancer fighter.

These findings are an important reason why Inko’s LLC, as a company, was created. And, to do its part, Inko’s continues to contribute philanthropically to white-tea cancer research.

Now found in over 600 upscale supermarkets, gourmet/health food stores, delis, cafes and restaurants across the Country, Inko’s has, in the last quarter of 2003, penetrated new markets in Texas, Chicago, Nevada and California. Some of the featured retail outlets where consumers can find Inko’s include: Whole Foods, Kings Supermarkets, D’Agastino’s Supermarkets, Central Market, PC Greens, Vicente Foods, GNC, My Organic Markets, Fairway and the famed New York Gourmet Institution Grace’s Marketplace as well as Manhattan’s most famous Independent Movie House-Lincoln Plaza Cinema.

Most recently named the “Best Non-Carbonated Soft Drink of 2003” by the widely read and well-respected beverage industry site, The Beverage Network (, Inko’s White Teas have been editorially featured on the pages of Self and Fitness magazines and on TV segments including the nationally syndicated “Today Show.”

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Established in 2002, Manhattan-based Inko’s LLC is dedicated to bringing the unique taste and health benefits of white tea to the types of people who would never allow themselves and/or their children to drink sugar-drenched beverages. To learn more about Inko’s or where you can purchase their teas, please feel free to contact Alex Reist at 917-273-7594, toll free at 866-747-INKO or via email at