Whole Foods Market Unveils ‘Message of Love’ in a Bottle for Valentine’s Day

LOS ANGELES (January 29, 2007) As of January 29, Whole Foods Market is displaying a unique beverage from Aquamantra: I AM LOVED, Energy-Enhanced Natural Spring Water originating from San Diego’s Mt. Palomar. The Whole Foods Market stores in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada will offer Aquamantra water for the first time as a creative promotion for Valentine’s Day 2007.

This healthy, smooth, delicious water provides inspiration, quenches thirst and raises consciousness all in one sip. I AM LOVED was the first creation of the mantra waters and according to consumer testimonials is a favorite among men and women alike. “It is refreshing and sweet” says one consumer, which is remarkably appropriate for Valentine’s Day!

The I AM LOVED bottles are pure beauty to behold with an evocative image of a large oak tree, lush foliage, a red swing and a heart shaped island surrounded by soft lapping water was custom created to invoke the feelings of love. I AM LOVED bottled water is a sweet reminder that self-love combined with saying the words I am loved, emits a frequency creating the potential to attract the energy of love to the person drinking it. Call it “guided imagery” in a bottle or the “energy and frequency of well-being,” Aquamantra water provides a fun daily reminder to manifest a positive attitude. Think I AM LOVED, drink the water and share the Love this Valentine’s Day. As for spreading the love, Aquamantra donates generously to charities for children, including UNICEF.

Founder/CEO of Aquamantra, Alexandra Teklak says; “Whole Foods Markets’ vision of the future is in alignment with our mission to raise awareness about the connection between the mind and the body, and for that we are grateful for this opportunity to partner with such a wonderful organization. This Valentine’s Day we encourage people to share this ‘message of love’ in a bottle with everyone. Together we can raise the vibration of our planet to create an amazing reality, or at least in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.” At Whole Foods Market, Aquamantra’s 1 Liter bottled water is a mere $1.99, not much for a little taste of heaven. Aquamantra also offers I AM LUCKY and I AM HEALTHY energy-enhanced water, each with its own unique flavor. For more information, call (949) 429-4225 or visit the company’s web site at www.aquamantra.com for Whole Foods Market locations.