AQUA2GO, The Alternative to Plastic Bottles, Goes National


@@img1Los Angeles, CA – July 2007 – Esgee Enterprises, LLC, makers of AQUA2GO, announce news of a new contract to take the popular, new, boxed water to national distribution level through Tree of Life. Plans for expansion have been in the works since the launch of AQUA2GO in December 2006. The contract was finalized June 2007.

Going Green is Good, and Healthy Too!
This new national distribution also makes available to local communities a viable alternative to plastic water bottles. With the growing health concern of plastic bottles leaching if left in the sun and the recent ban in San Francisco’s City Official’s offices of personal-sized plastic water bottles due to their impact on the planet, AQUA2GOis a wonderful alternative on the market.

The packaging is 74% paper, 20% plastic and 6% aluminum, with 96% of the entire package for the water. The aseptic packaging also resists extreme temperatures, and has a shelf life of 5 years.

Ultimately, waste is reduced and the planet kept cleaner since the packaging is also recyclable. Best of all, the public stays healthy with single serving sizes of 100% purified water they can enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Getting the Word Out
AQUA2GO was initially launched in Whole Foods’ Louisiana stores, Winn Dixie (100 stores along the Gulf Coast), Rouse’s, Langensteins and several other local New Orleans stores. The new national distribution agreement with Tree of Life has expanded AQUA2GO’s presence across the country now making it available to other national merchants who do business with Tree of Life (such as WalMart, Krogers, Hy-Vee, Wild Oats, Roundy’s and more), as well as the remaining Whole Foods regions.

In addition to the Louisiana Whole Foods locations, AQUA2GO has been approved to be sold in Texas Whole Foods Markets, as well as the Rocky Mountain regional stores that include Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and are awaiting approval from other Whole Foods regions. With the national distribution to local groceries, AQUA2GO is now able to reach customers on a personal level, and seamlessly fit into customers’ diverse lifestyles.

The company’s website ( maintains an updated list of merchants and distributors, as well as environmental facts.

AQUA2GO is available in stores and on-line for $2.89 MSRP per 8 pack. AQUA2GO is great for any outing with adults and/or kids, whether it’s a picnic, a beach day, trip to a museum, a local campfire, wine tasting, hiking, or just running errands. Its compact size allows for easier transporting in any bag, as well as storage in a variety of areas. AQUA2GO hopes to provide everyone a more convenient way to drink water every day.

About Tree of Life
Tree of Life is the nation’s leading distributor of natural, organic, specialty, ethnic, and gourmet food products. Tree of Life has helped thousands of retailers, from the largest supermarket chains to the smallest independent stores, meet the constantly growing demand for products that help Americans to “live well.”