The FRS company unveils natural 90-calorie healthy energy drinks

Foster City, CA (June 1, 2010) – The FRS Company, a developer and distributor of FRS® Healthy Energy® products, today unveiled two new natural drinks that are sweetened with stevia, an all-natural sweetener. Like the entire FRS product line, the stevia-based offerings are rich in B vitamins and vitamin C and contain the powerful natural antioxidant quercetin. The new products are available in ready-to-drink cans in two new flavors, Apricot Nectarine and Orange. These drinks are already in select nutrition and vitamin stores and will roll out nationally in late May and June.

In addition to the natural stevia sweetener, the new drinks are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. The 90-calorie single-serve cans provide an attractive alternative for consumers who want energy without the high sugar content or artificial sweeteners. By blending zero-calorie stevia with organic sugar, FRS has improved its original 150-calorie formula by reducing sugar content by 44 percent and calories by 40 percent.

“At FRS, we are constantly listening to our consumers and looking for ways to help them meet their health, wellness and performance needs,” said Carl Sweat, President and CEO of The FRS Company. “Like all of our products, these new stevia-sweetened flavors utilize our patented formula featuring the powerful natural antioxidant, quercetin, to provide natural energy and help consumers to do more and perform better, whether they are serious athletes or simply people leading busy lives.”

The Apricot Nectarine and Orange products join the current FRS Low-Cal ready-to-drink line (with 25 calories per serving) that includes Wild Berry, Citrus Pomegranate, Peach Mango and Orange flavors. These single-serving cans are currently available at GNC, Target, Rite Aid and Vitamin Shoppe stores and supermarket chains nationwide, specialty and bike shops and online via and The FRS Healthy Energy line also includes concentrates, powders and soft chews.

“FRS has pioneered a new kind of natural energy drink by using all-natural and zero-calorie sweetener stevia and ensuring that it is free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives,” said Deborah Enos, Certified Nutritionist and wellness coach. “The new FRS drinks provide more antioxidants than three servings of blueberries, while significantly reducing sugar content and calories without sacrificing taste.”

The main ingredient in all FRS Healthy Energy products is the powerful natural antioxidant quercetin, which is found in fruits and vegetables such as berries, red apples and grapes. The new stevia offerings also contain FRS’ patented formula with the highest purity quercetin available (QU995™), as well as a mix of vitamins and metabolic enhancers to help increase quercetin absorption or bioavailability. Quercetin has been proven in clinical studies to deliver sustained energy, help promote improved fitness and support the immune system.

Professional athletes including Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner; Derek Fisher, starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers; Andrew McCutchen, Baseball America 2009 Rookie of the Year; Brooke Hanson, AVP beach volleyball 2009 Defensive Player of the Year and Raphael Matos, 2009 IndyCar Rookie of the Year, are regular users and enthusiastic supporters of FRS products.

About The FRS Company
The FRS Company produces and distributes its FRS Healthy Energy products in a variety of formulations – ready-to-drink cans, liquid concentrates, soft chews and powdered drink mixes — to suit customers’ needs. All FRS offerings contain a patented mix with the highest purity quercetin available (QU995™), green tea extract and essential vitamins. FRS single-serving cans and select additional products are currently sold through GNC, Target, Rite Aid and Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide, in a wide array of grocery and convenience chains, specialty and bike shops and online at and other online retailers. Customers can visit to purchase online or to locate a retailer. In 2007, FRS joined Team LIVESTRONG in the fight against cancer. FRS is the exclusive energy drink/isotonic beverage sponsor of the organization.