Report: Monster Settles Lawsuit for “Substantial Dollars”

Monster CanLegal news website reports that Monster Energy Corp. has settled several wrongful death lawsuits related to consumption of its energy drinks, including one that resulted in a payout of “substantial dollars,” according to an attorney representing one of the plaintiffs.

Details of the settlements have not been released, however, Bruce Schechter, an attorney with R. Rex Parris Law Firm, told that Monster had recently paid the family of a a 14-year-old who in 2011 died of cardiac arrest. The family claims that the teen’s consumption of two cans of Monster Energy was the cause.

While the name of the family and amount of money they received was not made public, reported that “one high-profile lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial,” and cited the case of Anais Fournier, whose age and year of death matches that of the aforementioned case. Fournier’s family has been represented by R. Rex Parris.

In recent years, Monster and other energy drink makers have been inundated with accusations that their highly caffeinated drinks are unsafe, particularly for younger consumers. In addition to a number of wrongful death lawsuits, Monster has also been sued by the City Attorney of San Francisco, who accuses the company of marketing to minors. The lawsuits, however, did not stop the Coca-Cola Co. from purchasing a 16.7 percent stake in Monster, a transaction that closed earlier this year. cited a May article in The Wall Street Journal which reported that Monster has settled with the families of 19-year-old Alex Morris and Shane Felts, who was 42 at the time of his death, each of which allege that the men died after drinking Monster products. Compensation to the families was not disclosed.

Schechter told the website that his firm has three other cases “on the runway” scheduled for trial next year and recently filed two more cases against the energy giant.

“These injuries are not rare,” Schechter told