Peloton Announces Antioxidant-Rich Cascara Tea

Cascara is taking the healthy beverage and craft coffee world by a storm because of the numerous positive characteristics this ingredient has. Recently, Peloton has decided to expand its product range and bring a cascara tea to the market.

Cascara, a Spanish word meaning “husk”, is a term used to describe the dried skin of the coffee bean. Previously discarded, cascara is filled with antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients that turn this “waste” product into a superfood.

Cascara tea provides a great source of antioxidants derived from chlorogenic acid that is known to lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and act as an anti-inflammatory. Juicy and sweet, the skin is packed with antioxidants, 33mg of caffeine, immunity-boosting polyphenols and other Phyto-ingredients that benefit brain health.

Peloton’s Super Fruit Tea is certified USDA Organic with only 60 calories each serving. Every single bottle contains just four powerful ingredients – organic coffee fruit, organic cane sugar, purified water and natural flavors. Peloton will launch 4 distinctive flavors – Lightly Sweetened Original, Cranberry-Lime, Apple-pomegranate, and Peach-Ginger. Cascara provides an alternative to traditional tea and traditional coffee – a brand new healthy alternative drink that’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients.

It is Peloton’s mission to make the most impact for everyone involved by directly sourcing and utilizing coffee cherry from organic coffee farms in Central and South America. By using both the bean and the husk of the coffee cherry, Peloton minimizes waste that leads to sustainable coffee farming and additional streams of income for local famers and farming communities.

About Drink Peloton: Peloton Cold Brew is the creation of two brothers who first started making cold brew in their parent’s kitchen. Adam, a professional photographer, got tired of standard energy drinks and began experimenting with something healthier and tastier. This is how he perfected his first cold brew – a product that quickly saw significant market interest.

In addition to their Cascara tea line, Peloton is the maker of three distinctive cold brews – Peloton Original, Mighty Maple and Peloton Mocha. Just like the cascara tea varieties, these products consist of simple but powerful ingredients like fine coffee, pure maple syrup, and pure Dutch cocoa.

The Peloton brand is committed to sustainability and addressing global environmental issues. For every bottle of Peloton cold brew sold, a percentage of proceeds goes towards Charity: Water – a non-profit organization aiming to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing countries.

To learn more about Peloton and our Super Fruit Tea, please visit or our Instagram page – @drinkpeloton for inquiries, email or call him direct at (610) 350-8192