BevNET Live Summer 2019: Inside ZX Ventures

For the past several years, Anheuser-Busch InBev has been increasingly focused on broadening its beverage portfolio beyond the beer and malt drinks where it has traditionally thrived. This new approach has made ZX Ventures, AB InBev’s global growth and innovation group, even more important to the company’s continued development and expansion. In backing brands such as low alcohol kombucha maker Kombrewcha and Southern California-based Wave Soda, the group is assembling an investment portfolio that touches a range of niche to mainstream drink categories.

In this presentation at BevNET Live Summer 2019, Liz Tomic, global director for ZX Ventures’ Explore Fund, discussed how the unit approaches the beverage marketplace, which categories, need states and channels it chooses to target, and why people and culture matter more than scale when it comes to selecting partner brands.