O2 to Donate 100% of Profits on June 19 to Raise Awareness for Juneteenth

COLUMBUS, Ohio– Amid the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping across the nation and in response to recent turmoil in the CrossFit® community, O2, a brand sold at gyms throughout the United States, is pledging to donate 100% of its profits on June 19th, also known as Juneteenth. The brand will donate 100% of its profits from online sales that day  to Know Your Rights Camp with the goal of raising awareness around Juneteenth, a day that celebrates an end to slavery in America deserving of a nationally recognized holiday.

“Within the four walls of a gym, people share the common bond of sweating together without regard for differences in race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Yet beyond those four walls, the Black community faces systematic racism and inequality in America,” said Dave Colina, O2’s founder & CEO. “This is an opportunity to extend the mindset we practice in the gym to help address these issues on a broader scale.  O2 stands with the Black community, which is why we’re making this pledge and offering an opportunity for our community to take action.”

“I’ve been a part of the CrossFit® community for 10 years and never faced racism inside the gym, just some discomfort being a black athlete in a predominantly caucasian sport. However, as a black man in America, I’ve encountered racism far too often. This is an opportunity for people to learn, to take action, and to help bridge the gap between the world inside our gyms and out,” said Elijah Muhammad, an O2 partner, CrossFit Games® veteran, and CrossFit® affiliate owner.

This initiative comes on the heels of O2 facilitating a $10,000 donation to Steve’s Club, a nationwide organization offering free group fitness classes to economically disadvantaged children, many of which come from communities where social inequality runs rampant.

O2 is also awarding summer fitness scholarships to various gyms to help provide economically disadvantaged communities access to the life-changing principles of physical fitness and nutrition.

“We know that actions will speak louder than words, and we’ve been inspired by folks like Elijiah to act now to help be a part of the solution,” said Colina. “We don’t want this to be an initiative that ends in June or July, we want this to become core to our values as a community, and we hope this raises awareness to do just that.”

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