Cheribundi Launches Immunity Boosting Beverage

Greenwich, Conn. – Cheribundi, the leader in natural performance beverages specializing in tart cherry juice, announces the launch of their newest beverage: Cheribundi Immunity. The product is the first beverage on the market to combine tart cherry juice with Echinacea and B vitamins, three natural immune system enhancers that together provide a simple yet powerful solution for athletes at all levels who want to maximize performance and minimize bad days, while simultaneously supporting athletic recovery, inflammation reduction and sleep.

“Now more than ever if exercise recovery – the final mile of performance – isn’t intrinsically connected to immune health, it’s missing the mark,” said Marcel Bens, CEO of Cheribundi and Managing Partner and COO of Emil Capital Partners. “And while tart cherry juice already has immune supporting benefits, we wanted to do even more, so we created a multi-functional solution that people could easily incorporate into their active lifestyles to further support their most precious asset: their health.”

Numerous independent studies published in renowned medical journals over the past 15 years have proven the health and fitness benefits of tart cherry juice, including its ability to speed recovery and repair of muscle tissue, minimize exercise induced muscle damage and muscle soreness; decrease inflammation, inflammatory-related conditions and upper respiratory tract infections; prevent joint pain and gout, and significantly improve sleep quality and duration.

In May, Cheribundi commissioned an independent study in partnership with Pebble Strategy to find out what motivates the everyday athlete and understand their awareness of tart cherry juice. It found 63 percent of everyday athletes are most interested in drinking it for its immune boosting properties, confirming the market demand for this product.

The following research findings highlights how the three key ingredients in Cheribundi Immunity support immune health:

  • Tart cherries have antimicrobial properties, which can target disease-causing bacteria and the common cold (The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 2018)
  • Tart cherries are rich in antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and catechins, which fight inflammation (US National Library of Medicine, 2018)
  • Tart cherries are high in vitamin A, which is critical for immune function (US National Library of Medicine, 2018)
  • Echinacea has been shown to improve immunity, blood sugar, anxiety, inflammation and skin health. It may even have anti-cancer properties (Pharmacognosy Reviews, 2015)
  • Echinacea has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation, chronic pain and swelling, and may help you recover faster from illness (Phytomedicine, 1994)
  • Vitamin B6 + B12 help support a healthy immune system by supporting cell health, red blood cells, energy levels and cardiovascular health (Harvard)

In addition to Cheribundi Immunity, Cheribundi has seven other natural recovery-focused performance beverages that harness the power of tart cherry juice, including (per 8 oz. serving):

  • PURE: 60 tart cherries
  • PROTEIN: 45 tart cherries, Whey Protein and B Vitamin Complex
  • HYDRO: 40 tart cherries, 33% coconut water and B Vitamin Complex
  • RESET: 40 tart cherries, Valerian Root and Lemon Balm
  • ORIGINAL: 50 tart cherries, naturally sweetened with apple juice
  • BLACK: 40 tart cherries, black cherries, naturally sweetened with apple juice
  • LIGHT: 40 tart cherries, naturally sweetened with stevia leaf

Cheribundi is available in nearly 50,000 retail locations across the U.S. and can also be found online at Kroger, Publix, Amazon, Walmart and Cheribundi Immunity retails for $27 for a 12-pack and is currently available at It will begin rolling out to other retailers later this summer.

About Cheribundi

Cheribundi is a natural performance beverage company specializing in one of the most effective, functional tools for athletic recovery: tart cherry juice. Using a proprietary filtration process developed with Cornell University, Cheribundi harnesses the incredible phytonutrient and antioxidant strength of tart cherries to create superior quality offerings that are scientifically proven to speed up muscle recovery, alleviate soreness, support immunity, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep. From everyday athletes to the more than 300 professional and collegiate sports teams that drink it regularly, Cheribundi is on a mission to prove that sports performance can, and should, be natural. Cheribundi’s beverages are non-GMO and not from concentrate.

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