Astria Spirits to Use DIVINIA Water For Premium Vodka

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — A super-premium, organic vodka is in development in eastern Idaho. The brand-new drink will utilize DIVINIA Water to make the spirit the superstar of the alcoholic beverage world.

“Astria” is projected to make its debut in craft-quality bars, restaurants, and spirits retailers in northern California this spring, according to Hugh Miracle, CEO of Astria Spirits.

DIVINIA will be the sole provider of water for Astria Spirits. Distilled Resources Inc. (DRINC), from Rigby, has consented to produce the drink with the finest, American grown and harvested, organic grains.

“Astria is the perfect name for this product because Astria is the Greek goddess of purity,” said Miracle. “Astria will be distributed in both the United States and across the globe, making it truly a super-premium spirits brand.”

DIVINIA Water CEO Steven Sedlmayr feels there is a positive future for the beverage based on the properties of the water.

“We take extreme care in creating ultra-clean water,” said Sedlmayr. “Our proprietary process creates water with unique properties. Those properties create additional opportunities for DIVINIA Water usage in more markets that other water cannot capitalize on.”

“A tasting panel made of industry experts have confirmed Astria’s flavor profile surpasses those of any ultra-premium vodka on the market today,” said Miracle.

Consumers typically use vodka as a mixer for their drinks. Still, both Miracle and Sedlmayr think Astria could become the one vodka people enjoy sipping by itself.

“Astria delivers a unique, exclusive quality that can be enjoyed up or on the rocks, just like fine whiskeys and Cognacs,” Miracle said.

“While taste-testing and trying to find the right recipe for ingredients, we could tell DIVINIA Water made the biggest difference,” said Sedlmayr.

“The flavors of the organic ingredients dazzle with DIVINIA Water,” added Miracle.

“A consumer expects vodka to present a pungent feeling to the palate,” said Sedlmayr. “Astria, crafted with DIVINIA, helps eliminate that sensation, imparting a distinctively smooth and enjoyable experience to the consumer.”

Two eastern Idaho companies will join together to produce the beverage.

“Miraculously, the largest distillery to use U.S. farmed, organic grains west of the Mississippi happens to be just up the road from us,” Sedlmayr said. “Hugh Miracle is brilliant for pairing DIVINIA Water with the manufacturers at DRINC. We will deliver premium water, and Astria has the right distiller to turn that into super-premium vodka.”

Astria buying the water in bulk helps DIVINIA’s overall growth strategy by diversifying the company’s revenue stream and demonstrating DIVINIA’s unique range of qualities.

“We’re excited to be selling water to Astria,” said Kiersten Landers, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for DIVINIA Water. “We love this opportunity because of the organic ingredients. Supplying to Astria aligns with our core values because we are passionate about products that are organic, natural, sustainable, and sourced responsibly.”

“DRINC will manufacture Astria with renewable wind power, so that’s a bonus for the eco-conscious consumers,” said Miracle.