AriZona Beverages Introduces African Rooibos Red Tea

AriZona Beverages is excited to introduce the newest addition to its lineup of 23 oz. cans: African Rooibos Red Tea, bringing the national drink of South Africa to the United States.

AriZona Partners with Dixie Brands for Cannabis Product Line

Speaking with BevNET, Dixie CEO Chuck Smith said the partnership -- which at the end of its term can be renewed two times for up to four years -- is likely to produce a variety of THC-infused products under the AriZona name, starting with vape pens and gummies.

Press Clips: The Cultural Influence of AriZona Iced Tea

Last week, Eater analyzed the eternal cool factor of AriZona Iced Tea, the 99 cent 24 oz. gas station mainstay which hit shelves in 1992. The brand has withstood the test of time, somehow avoiding the trappings of trendy 90s nostalgia to become what Eater calls simply “a mood.”

NACS 2017 Video: AriZona Beverages Pushing Toward Premium

In a video interview recorded at the NACS 2017 show in Chicago, the Vultaggio brothers Wesley, who also serves as the company’s chief creative officer, and Spencer, AriZona’s chief marketing officer, joined BevNET assistant editor Martin Caballero to discuss how the brand’s identity is evolving towards new categories, use occasions and consumer types. The brothers spoke about AriZona’s pivot towards premium beverage offerings, including its premium Good Brew iced tea line and the brand’s new sparkling mineral water.

AriZona Gets Bubbly with Sparkling Mineral Water Line

AriZona Beverages has entered the sparkling mineral water space with a sophisticated take on bubbles. Available in five refreshing flavors there’s a taste for every mood.

AriZona Gets Into Zero-Calorie Bubbles

The new line, AriZona Sparkling, is set to launch in metro-New York with a nationwide launch in select stores slated for later in the summer. AriZona describes the line as a “sophisticated take on bubbles” that includes five flavors; Strawberry, Pineapple Coconut, Orange Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Black Raspberry.

Plastipak and AriZona Beverage Partner on ThermoShape

The project came to life when AriZona challenged Plastipak to deliver a hot fill PET package while maintaining the look and feel of its iconic glass packaging.

AriZona Infuses its Classics with Caffeine

Today AriZona Beverages announced the launch of a new line of energy drinks, infusing four of the brand’s existing flavors - Arnold Palmer, Watermelon, Fruit Punch and Mucho Mango - with 120 mg of natural caffeine via a blend of guarana, green and white tea and green coffee extract.

AriZona Beverages Unveils Website Redesign

The redesign, by MPIRE Creative, is the first restyling of the company’s website since they launched it in 2006.

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