Belvoir Fruit Farms Launches Ginger Cordial in the U.S.

76f879edad447aacaf3953fa5ff82f74New York, October 8, 2015 –With Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, Belvoir Fruit Farms launches a new fiery cordial, the Ginger Cordial.

Belvoir Fruit Farms, the famous UK artisanal lemonade, is releasing an old English favorite: the Ginger Cordial. This spicy and punchy drink is made with 100% natural ingredients. The freshly sliced ginger roots are cooked with fresh lemon juice to ensure this genuine tangy taste of ginger. Gluten Free, non-GMO, vegan, with no added flavors or additives, this truly memorable drink will give your life a zesty taste.

No matter your taste, Belvoir’s cordial is the perfect mix for creating amazing cocktails for the holidays or refined baking recipes. Mix it with vodka for a delicious Moscow Mule, with whiskey for a whiskey Mac or simply with sparkling water for a classic Ginger Beer. A cordial in Great Britain is a non-alcoholic syrup and this ginger cordial is no different. Enjoy the cold winter evenings staying warm with a toddy made with this spicy and punchy beverage.

About Belvoir Fruits Farms:

Belvoir Fruit Farms, Lincolnshire, is the birthplace of the famous Belvoir lemonades. These artisanal and fashionable lemonades are a perfect alternative to traditional sodas. With 5 flavors of lemonades available in the US – Elderflower, Elderflower & Rose, Ginger Beer, Lime & Lemongrass and Pomegranate & Raspberry – Belvoir is now launching a new Cordial: the Ginger Cordial. Made with the same traditional recipes, Belvoir’s drinks have an amazing and unusual taste.

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